What people say about the book

“Some will leave readers laughing out loud, while others will leave them crying. All of this collection’s stories, however, have one thing in common: readers will be left planning to call their mothers.”

Publisher’s Weekly
Publisher’s Weekly

“This collection serves as a significant contribution to literature on and about motherhood… these candid writings feel like a dinner date with a group of smart mothers who share their successes and failures with wit, fear, melancholy, playfulness, and all of the emotions that surround the reality of parenting.”

Library Journal
Library Journal

“The essays are short, which enables the book to cover a lot of ground, but they also pack a strong emotional punch—and they’re almost certain to leave any mother feeling less alone.”


“I’ve been a longtime fan of Ann’s Listen to Your Mother movement, and I just adore this collection. The stories are diverse, yet bound together by Listen to Your Mother’s trademark rawness

Jill Smokler
Jill SmoklerNew York Times-bestselling author of Confessions of a Scary Mommy

“Listen to Your Mother manages to do what few anthologies do: it makes us see ourselves clearly through the eyes of many different writers—all gifted and many wickedly funny. These writers voice the things that everyone thinks and no one says. Long live the mothers!”

Suzanne Finnamore
Suzanne Finnamoreaward-winning author of Split

“With their authentic glimpses into this hard, beautiful thing we call life, the essays between these covers led me to fresh perspectives on mothering and being mothered. I savored the open vulnerability that met me with each turn of the page. From the hilarious to the profound, and not bound by gender or geography, these stories generously plumbed the depths of all that is motherhood.”

Anna Whiston Donaldson
Anna Whiston DonaldsonNew York Times-bestselling author of Rare Bird